The Mavyns

Mumbai rock act The Mavyns played a pretty special gig at the Blue Frog last year when we first checked them out, and asked you to do the same. Lucky for us, they recorded that gig. And now they’re giving it away for free exclusively on Indiecision. Lick The Blue Frog features 10 songs from the gig and one bonus track.

The band:

Lick The Blue Frog was an idea that came up out of nowhere.

We had played the Blue Frog in November last year and realized that they had recorded the entire show. Fortunately, they were kind enough to give us a copy of the recording and we were really taken aback at the awesome quality of sound for a live gig.

Of course we didn’t give much thought to it and ventured to the tried-and-true method of recording an album in a studio. We had a wonderful gentleman named Darryl who graciously allowed us to record in his studio for free. Two days into studio time, we found that our sound is best served live and studios just weren’t representing the same energy.

The Blue Frog recordings suddenly made a comeback and we began toying with the idea of getting it mastered and releasing it as a live album. We approached sponsors who completely rejected any notion of sponsoring us. Till we finally figured the best way to do this, was to do it ourselves. We pooled in our own resources and with a lot of help from friends like Kenny (who mastered it for us for free), we got our first album made.

The Lick The Blue Frog launch was a big step for us as a band and was even more special seeing how we had all our family and friends come down to support us. We hope everyone who gets this album enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

01. You’re Only Right
02. Glassy Stare
03. Hard To Believe
04. My Sound
05. Freedomslinger
06. Downtown Baby
07. Happy Song
08. Bedtime Stories
09. Indecent Clarabella
10. Greener Than The Sea
11. Freedomslinger (Bonus Track)

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