The Indiecision Decade In ReviewIt’s safe to say that most of what the Indian independent music scene has turned out to be, is because of the events of the last ten years. From bands playing covers, to bands playing ‘OCs’, to bands playing songs; from web forums, to web blogs, to web zines; from Rang Bhavan, to Hamsadhwani, to um, Chitrakoot Grounds, this decade has seen our indie scene go from being an also-ran sub culture to a contender. Sure, there’s a long way to go, but hell, it’s been a remarkable ten years.

The Indiecision Decade in Review is our retrospective.

This is the last ten years in Indian independent music.

Top 25 Songs of the 2000s
Nov 17: 25-16
Nov 18: 15-06
Nov 19: 05-01

Top 25 Albums of the 2000s
Nov 24: 25-16
Nov 25: 15-06
Nov 26: 05-01

Album of the Decade: Free Download!
Nov 27: Hook: The Inside Story

We Are The Scene
The people who make the scene happen look back at their favourite moments of the past decade.

Indie-pendence Daze
Amit Gurbaxani looks back at the decade during which Indian indie exploded.

It Starts Now
It’s the next ten years that are going to count; Arjun S Ravi on why the excitement’s only just beginning.

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