Pics: The Boxettes @ Blue Frog

All-female beatboxing act The Boxettes played the Blue Frog last month. Local beatboxing n00bs Boxy Turvy opened for them. We were there.


  1. Bauchklang has set the bar for band-boxing pretty high. As unsurprising as it was that Blue Frog chose to label The Boxettes as the “all girl Bauchklang”, it also was an oversell.
  2. How absolute n00bs Boxy Turvy, who literally just played songs off a laptop and like stood there, scored an opening slot at this gig is as inexplicable as why they chose to teach an almost entirely disinterested audience how to beatbox.
  3. The Boxettes fortunately didn’t allow the facepalming to linger.
  4. While The Boxettes’ brand of R&B piqued one’s interest to the extent it took away from the epic #fail of the previous act, the novelty of their act didn’t last long; this despite a solid Michael Buble cover (‘Feeling Good’, the highlight of the set).
  5. Perhaps it’s because we’ve come to know Bauchklang’s way with the art, or perhaps The Boxettes were just having a slow day at the office, but we left Blue Frog with the distinct impression that once again the club had exaggerated the gig description.

Vikas Munipalle took these ace pictures.

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