ReRock II Announced

Reunion Rock is an annual gig featuring yesteryear Indian rock acts performing in New Delhi. The second edition of ReRock takes place next month at the Garden of Five Senses in the capital. Jan 9, 2010 will see Electric Plant (1978 – 1982), White Fang (1980 – 1983) and Applied For (1980 – 1983, pictured) play the beautiful outdoor venue with the newly formed Unfinished Biz (a band that came together at ReRock I).

Each of the three bands performing were big at their time and founded musicians, like Rahul Ram of Indian Ocean (played with White Fang), who would go on to illustrious musical careers. The first edition of ReRock saw performances by White Fang, Applied For and Deja Vu. Tickets and other details of ReRock II soon.

Speaking of reunions

Update: The gig starts at 6pm, gates open at 5pm. Free passes can be collected from select Barista and Musicworld outlets.

More about each of the bands, from the press release.

Electric Plant
Electric Plant are one of India’s earliest D-I-Y rock bands: they began playing with makeshift instruments like a homemade electric guitar (made by a Sardarji in Paharganj) and a drum kit worth Rs 200 (with “Bright Orchestra” emblazoned on it) as well as booking themselves at college festivals and marriage halls and venues like Ashoka Hotel and the Siri Fort Auditorium.

A hugely successful sold out show called “The Last Waltz” at Ashoka Hotel in November 1981 easily explains what Electric Plant is all about. Fans desperate to check out the five-piece outfit caused one of Delhi’s craziest melees when the entrance doors of the Convention Hall were damaged and caught fire.

Electric Plant comprises Arun and Varun Sharma (Drums, Guitar and vocals respectively) and their school friend Pradip “Glover” Chaudhuri (Bass).

White Fang
Taking their name from the Jack London novel about a white wolf in Alaska, White Fang was formed in 1980 by Amitanshu Das and Gautam Ghosh, and soon added bassist Rahul Ram (of Indian Ocean), drummer Sharad Tyagi and Abe as the first woman to play keyboards for a rock band in Delhi. Sudipto Pakrasi will join them in Delhi for ReRock II. The band played at college festival venues all across the city over the next three years and at several exclusive shows at theatres like AIFACS and FICCI. On one instance, they even managed to pack in an astounding 15,000-strong audience with two other bands from Mumbai and Kolkata.

Applied For
Applied For was perhaps one of the first of Delhi bands who shook off the “rock-is-good-pop-is-bad” stigma. The band was extremely popular through Delhi, playing peppy “crowd” songs instead of the “heavy” or “hard rock” sound, which was the norm in the ’80s. Their gigs at all of Delhi’s leading venues like FICCI, Kamani, Yamuna Velodrome, Siri Fort as well as several “rock nites” at Delhi University college festivals and a television appearance even says it all.

Applied For, in Delhi, will be Tony George, Niren Chaudhary, Deepak Castellino, Bann Roy and Sharad Tyagi, Deepak Castellino and Sudipto Pakrasi.

Unfinished Biz
Unfinished Biz is a rock band that came out of ReRock I. The band has a member each (at the very least) from three of Delhi’s oldest and most influential rock bands from the ’70s and ’80s – Electric Plant, White Fang and Applied For. In spite of geographical hurdles, time differences and creative disagreements, the band has used technology creatively, jamming over Skype and swapping music ideas over email.

ReRock II is going to be the very first concert of this trans-continental, trans-generational Indian rock band. They will be performing mostly their own compositions for this show.

Unfinished Biz comprises of Amitanshu Das, Bann Roy, Tony George, Abhinav Dhar, Vinayak Gupta and most recently Obed Zeme.

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    looks amazing. Totally gonna go to this…

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    […] ReRock II features four bands – Electric Plant (1978 – 1982), White Fang (1980 – 1983) and Applied For (1980 – 1983) and the newly formed Unfinished Biz (a band that came together at ReRock I). Indiecision presents this special blast from the past. Applied For at the Siri Fort auditorium New Delhi, sometime in the '80s. More from Siri Fort. Niren Choudhary rocks the black Les Paul copy while Bann Roy rocks the bass. Applied For perform at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi in 1983. Electric Plant were pretty big in the late '70s, early '80s. Black leather pants never go out of style. Electric Plant were uber-DIY. They began playing with makeshift instruments like a homemade electric guitar made by a sardarji in Paharganj. Electric Plant's first gig was at the Jesus & Mary College, where they played to 30 people. Electric Plant counted among their influences Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers and Jimi Hendrix. Electric Plant – the forerunners of the big eyegear Delhi style phenom. Arun Sharma (drums, Electric Plant) was once quoted about his approach to drumming saying, "You can learn a lot from any drummer. But yes, I love to hit hard." Electric Plant started as a three-piece but had a few lineup additions/changes over the years, often playing with up to five members. White Fang circa 1982. Second from right is Rahul Ram who now plays with Indian Ocean. A rare photograph of the first White Fang drummer – the late Sanjiv Guttal. […]

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